"It's the good girls that keep the diaries; the bad girls never have the time."-Tallulah Bankhead

(I'm HOPING this explains why I have been so bad at making posts as of lately!!!)

Friday, December 3, 2010


I had just about made it to the front gate of my apartment when I felt his hands cover my eyes from behind. 

"Guess who??" he whispered in a voice so soft I could barely make out the words.

I moved my hands up to touch his and as I did, he pushed me forward through the gate and onto my front porch.  I felt myself knock into the wooden bench which sat to the left of my door and then felt him remove his hands from my face.   I had not thought to leave my front light on so it was completely dark in this little wooden space outside my front door.  He had me pinned against the wall next to the door with his body, I could feel both his racing heart and throbbing cock as he raised my hands above my head and held them with one of his massive hands.  His other hand began to roam the contours of my body, eventually making it's way up my skirt.  I recognized his scent, and the familiar feel of his huge, calloused hands so I allowed him to probe the wetness which had started between my legs.  It always amazed me that he was so adept at gently working the moist, silky folds of my pussy despite the outward appearance of his fingers.  He slid those fingers underneath the fabric at the crotch of my panties and moved them against my clit, making me moan and shudder.

Without warning, he wrapped his fist around the fabric of my tiny thong and ripped it from my body in one rough jerk.  He then fumbled against my ass, unbuttoning his pants and freeing his cock so that I could feel it's hot tip bobbing against my exposed cheeks.  I raised myself up on my tiptoes and his swollen head grazed the outside of my snatch.  He dragged it along the wetness there until the tip and shaft were coated in my sweet glaze.  Then without further hesitation, he pierced me from behind...SLAMMING ME AGAINST THE OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE!!!  I felt him fill me...splitting me in two.  As quick and violent as this first introduction had been, he then relented and began a slow rhythmic tempo of pushing and pulling in and out of my hot cunt.  He would pull out almost completely, and I could feel the engorged head of his cock almost POP out of it's tight confine.  And then he would sink it back into me slowly and deliberately.  His pace was maddeningly slow and after a few minutes, I could not stand it any longer.  I wrenched my arms down from over my head and used them to brace myself against the wood covered wall.  I pushed my ass toward him quickly and rapidly, leaving him no choice but to allow himself to be sucked in and pushed out of my velvety glove.  This must have excited him as well, because he reacted immediately and grabbed hold of my hips and started pounding me the way I wanted him to.  Now, my face was scraping against the wall and I could feel the sharp slap of his skin against my ass but these sensations began to fade as I was suddenly gripped by the tidal wave of pleasure rocketing up from deep within my belly.  He groaned and sputtered and his thrusting became uncoordinated and spasmodic and I stiffened and came against him as he unloaded his glory into me with one long growl.

It felt like a year passed before I felt his breathing return to normal.  He gently pulled away, put himself back together and helped steady me so I could find my keys and open the door.  He followed me in, and after I shut and locked the door, turned me around to kiss me tenderly.  His big hands framed my face and when I finally turned on the hallway light, I was able to gaze up into the big, blue eyes of my husband and thank him for this wonderful game of GUESS WHO....Who says married life has to be boring??