"It's the good girls that keep the diaries; the bad girls never have the time."-Tallulah Bankhead

(I'm HOPING this explains why I have been so bad at making posts as of lately!!!)

Friday, June 10, 2011


I can not even begin to describe how much you amaze and delight me....Most men have no idea how thrilling it is for a woman to see or experience a good cumshot.  For me, sex is just not truly exciting if I don't get to witness it.  You are the answer to all of my prayers of sexual satisfaction when it comes to this particular subject for me.

Your cock feels as if it was made to fill my pussy.  If feels as if we are two pieces of a puzzle, and that there should be matching serial numbers burned into each of those respective parts.  The intense pleasure of the feeling of your hot, slippery shaft sliding into me is EXQUISITE.  Slowly, you tease me.  Pulling completely out of me to rub your engorged head on my clit, you realign yourself at the entrance of my pussy and then resume your slow sawing motion, massaging the swollen walls of my wet internal flesh.  Your pace quickens and you bring me closer and closer to my own raging orgasm each time your body crushes against my clit.  I whisper little suggestions of nastiness to you as you progress and soon you have reached your own thunderous conclusion.  You amaze me with your control as you suddenly pull out and hoist yourself upwards towards my face, hitting my cheeks and lips with a hot stream of your spunk.  I only have a chance to swirl my tongue around your pulsing head for a second before you lower yourself back down between my legs where you resume your thrusting in my hot snatch.  

This time it is a much quicker culmination, and only about 50 strokes or so is what it takes before you withdraw again.  This time, I am treated to the vision of your twitching cock spurting a second heavy load of cum onto my throbbing clit and pussy lips.  This makes me WILD.  I reach down and rub all of that creamy jizz into my clit, completing my own second orgasm while simultaneously coating your shaft with it as well.  You allow me to stroke your shaft between my fingers and wet pussy until you completely BLOW ME AWAY by once again dragging yourself up with your final blast of passion.
I capture you in my mouth this time, and as I wrap my lips around your shaft, I feel the strongest pulse of sperm hit the back of my throat.  I am vaguely aware of the sound of your head as it hits the headboard above me.  I swallow this last precious offering and savor it as you crash down beside me, breathing, gasping, sighing.  Your smile says it all.  My own lips mirror yours, you have just given me the most amazing thrill I've ever had.  No one has ever thrilled me AND satisfied me so completely.  I rest my head against your heaving chest and savor the moment, knowing that there will be a lifetime of this for me.  You are my missing piece and I love you.