"It's the good girls that keep the diaries; the bad girls never have the time."-Tallulah Bankhead

(I'm HOPING this explains why I have been so bad at making posts as of lately!!!)

Friday, June 10, 2011


I can not even begin to describe how much you amaze and delight me....Most men have no idea how thrilling it is for a woman to see or experience a good cumshot.  For me, sex is just not truly exciting if I don't get to witness it.  You are the answer to all of my prayers of sexual satisfaction when it comes to this particular subject for me.

Your cock feels as if it was made to fill my pussy.  If feels as if we are two pieces of a puzzle, and that there should be matching serial numbers burned into each of those respective parts.  The intense pleasure of the feeling of your hot, slippery shaft sliding into me is EXQUISITE.  Slowly, you tease me.  Pulling completely out of me to rub your engorged head on my clit, you realign yourself at the entrance of my pussy and then resume your slow sawing motion, massaging the swollen walls of my wet internal flesh.  Your pace quickens and you bring me closer and closer to my own raging orgasm each time your body crushes against my clit.  I whisper little suggestions of nastiness to you as you progress and soon you have reached your own thunderous conclusion.  You amaze me with your control as you suddenly pull out and hoist yourself upwards towards my face, hitting my cheeks and lips with a hot stream of your spunk.  I only have a chance to swirl my tongue around your pulsing head for a second before you lower yourself back down between my legs where you resume your thrusting in my hot snatch.  

This time it is a much quicker culmination, and only about 50 strokes or so is what it takes before you withdraw again.  This time, I am treated to the vision of your twitching cock spurting a second heavy load of cum onto my throbbing clit and pussy lips.  This makes me WILD.  I reach down and rub all of that creamy jizz into my clit, completing my own second orgasm while simultaneously coating your shaft with it as well.  You allow me to stroke your shaft between my fingers and wet pussy until you completely BLOW ME AWAY by once again dragging yourself up with your final blast of passion.
I capture you in my mouth this time, and as I wrap my lips around your shaft, I feel the strongest pulse of sperm hit the back of my throat.  I am vaguely aware of the sound of your head as it hits the headboard above me.  I swallow this last precious offering and savor it as you crash down beside me, breathing, gasping, sighing.  Your smile says it all.  My own lips mirror yours, you have just given me the most amazing thrill I've ever had.  No one has ever thrilled me AND satisfied me so completely.  I rest my head against your heaving chest and savor the moment, knowing that there will be a lifetime of this for me.  You are my missing piece and I love you.  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Best Valentine, Sweet T

You know how much I like it when you wake me up in the morning with your hands on my skin...your hard cock with it's wet tip dragging across my ass cheeks.  First I feel your hands push themselves up my little baseball tee I've worn to bed the night before.  Your fingers pinch and squeeze my nipples until I start to moan softly, slowing falling out of the dream I had been immersed in.  As I reluctantly join the waking world, I come to the realization that THIS is soooo much better than what I had been dreaming.  I arch my back and stretch my hands up above my head, where you quickly hold them captive.  While you hold my wrists together with your one hand, you slowly run your other along the length of my outstretched body.  Your gaze falls upon the hard little nipples poking through the fabric of my tee shirt and you clamp your mouth down on one, then the other, making them even hotter and harder.

At this point I squeeze my legs together, clamping my thighs tightly, compressing my clit and intensifying my desire.  You are my FAVORITE toy, Sweet T.  I start to ACHE for the feel of your lips on my skin.  You straddle me suddenly and kiss me, deeply...desperately.  You take my breath away.  I am yours.  You kiss your way down my body, stopping at each breast to let me feel the heat of your mouth linger but not attach itself to either one...TORTURING ME.  You kiss your way down to my belly and then down further towards my swollen pussy.  My clit is on FIRE by now.  But you do not give me any release just yet.  Still teasing, you kiss either side of my hips and down the inside of each thigh.  As you turn your head up toward me, I feel your nose nudge past the folds of my snatch and I gasp.  Finally, mercifully, you start to drag your tongue along the silky line of my lips, flicking at my clit for a second before you take it between both of your lips and suck on it.  I almost rocket off of the bed!!!!  I feel your fingers slowly pushing into my very core...first one finger and then two.  As you start to move them in and out of me I feel you rhythmically licking and sucking my clit and within a few short moments the ENTIRE lower half of my body contracts and I am hit with an enormous wave of sheer pleasure as I cum.

I am not exactly sure what to expect at this time because you usually tease me again by dragging the wet tip of your throbbing cock along the skin of my body.  I know how much you love to feel the heat from my skin against that engorged head.  Usually, you straddle my body again and tease me, holding that beautiful organ in your hands, stroking and pulling it just out of the reach of my tongue and hands.  Today is a little different though.  Today, you straddle me,  but press my breasts together so that you are able to push your hard cock between them.  I hear you moan as your precum acts as a slick lubricant.  I lift my head toward you and meet your cock with a sweet kiss from my lips every time you thrust forward.  I realize my hands are now free and I reach around behind you and squeeze your ass cheeks hard.  I tease the outside of your asshole with one finger and realizing the effect it is having on you, I wet the tip in my mouth and start easing it into you with a gentle wiggling motion.  Pretty soon you are well on your way toward your own tremendous crescendo of pleasure.  But you suddenly shift gears and push yourself back down my body so that the tip of your throbbing dick is poised at the entrance of my pussy.  No teasing this time.  You thrust into me with one HUGE, LONG motion and I am given the most amazing Valentine gift in history.  You fill me COMPLETELY.  The feeling of you moving in and out of me is like the sweetest caress and massage all wrapped into one amazing sensation.  I dig my heels into your back, into your ass...my nails raking down your spine.  Pretty soon, I am right there with you and as your pace quickens and your body tenses up, I start to cum again.  This time it is even more intense.  My pussy walls squeeze and clench around your cock as it pulses deep inside of me.  My body attempts to pull your entire being into me as we cum together.  Of course, that is not possible...and I am left in the wake of this amazing orgasm with the feeling of your body lying on me...I can feel your heart pounding against me.  Oh Sweet T...thank you for being my Valentine.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Usually, I can feel the eyes of my neighborhood boys on me when I lay by my pool.  More than once I've caught them looking at me.  I giggle at them as they are startled when I look up and see the bulges in their shorts.  Actually, I have the tidiest yard on the block ALL SUMMER LONG, because I have so much help from these handsome boys being offered.  I even caught one of them with his young cock in his hand, standing at the window in the poolhouse....but that is a story for ANOTHER day.

Today was a little different. I had taken my top off and was enjoying the feel of the delicious sun on my back.  I didn't notice anyone in the area until his body was close enough to me to block the sun from my face.  I flipped over, shielded my eyes, and tried to make out who was there.  However, he quickly clamped one hand down over my eyes while roughly grabbing my nipple in the other hand.  The one image I was able to catch before he did this was the enormous HARD ON that was jutting out in front of him.

"You're going to like this..."  he said in a gruff voice as he maneuvered his body around between my legs.  My hands were clawing and ripping at his head and face and he abruptly used his weight to pin my hands above my head.  He held my hands together with one of his enormous paws, and quickly ripped my bikini bottoms from my body with the other.

"I've been watching you for a while, my cock getting harder with every STEP closer to you I got.  I KNOW you love it when you're being watched so don't even PRETEND you don't want this!!"

As if to prove his point, he started rubbing my pussy lips which were SURPRISINGLY WET by now.  But still, I struggled, not willing to let him know that he was actually making me VERY HOTTTTT.  However, the wetness there was a complete giveaway and he took full and swift advantage of that.  Before I realized what was happening he had his stiff pole pushed up against my juicy pussy lips and was about to force himself inside.  It seems that my struggling only egged him on, made it easier for him to push himself inside me.  He sank his hot cock in to the hilt.

"You LOVE this, don't you, you little SLUT??"  My body tensed up, and I hoped he would think it was in revolt, however it was because it felt so incredibly good.  He was pounding away at a steamrolling pace and despite myself, I came very quickly.  He never even noticed, he was too focused on his own pleasure.  Just when I thought he was going to cum, he pulled out and straddled my waist.  He moved up my body, grabbing my head from behind and forcing my mouth toward his dripping cock.

"SUCK IT WHORE!!!  Taste how much you LOVE it!!!"  He forced his engorged penis into my mouth and started fucking my face.  I wasn't going to admit it to him, but the taste of my juice on his cock was EXQUISITE.  I relaxed my jaw and allowed him to thrust into my throat, over and over.  I knew he would cum soon and was worried that his spunk would choke me.  But at the last second, he removed his cock and stoked it until he blew his HUGE load all over my face, eyes and hair.

Really, it all happened very quickly now that I look back at it.  He didn't say another word to me.  Just pulled himself up, put his shorts back on, and walked out of my yard.  I have never seen him before, and don't know whether to expect to see him again.  A small part of me was thinking that I just might...see him again...or WANT to see him again.  So I wiped his jizz out of my face and hair, rolled back over on my stomach and concentrated on how good the sun felt on my body once again, oddly satisfied.

Friday, December 3, 2010


I had just about made it to the front gate of my apartment when I felt his hands cover my eyes from behind. 

"Guess who??" he whispered in a voice so soft I could barely make out the words.

I moved my hands up to touch his and as I did, he pushed me forward through the gate and onto my front porch.  I felt myself knock into the wooden bench which sat to the left of my door and then felt him remove his hands from my face.   I had not thought to leave my front light on so it was completely dark in this little wooden space outside my front door.  He had me pinned against the wall next to the door with his body, I could feel both his racing heart and throbbing cock as he raised my hands above my head and held them with one of his massive hands.  His other hand began to roam the contours of my body, eventually making it's way up my skirt.  I recognized his scent, and the familiar feel of his huge, calloused hands so I allowed him to probe the wetness which had started between my legs.  It always amazed me that he was so adept at gently working the moist, silky folds of my pussy despite the outward appearance of his fingers.  He slid those fingers underneath the fabric at the crotch of my panties and moved them against my clit, making me moan and shudder.

Without warning, he wrapped his fist around the fabric of my tiny thong and ripped it from my body in one rough jerk.  He then fumbled against my ass, unbuttoning his pants and freeing his cock so that I could feel it's hot tip bobbing against my exposed cheeks.  I raised myself up on my tiptoes and his swollen head grazed the outside of my snatch.  He dragged it along the wetness there until the tip and shaft were coated in my sweet glaze.  Then without further hesitation, he pierced me from behind...SLAMMING ME AGAINST THE OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE!!!  I felt him fill me...splitting me in two.  As quick and violent as this first introduction had been, he then relented and began a slow rhythmic tempo of pushing and pulling in and out of my hot cunt.  He would pull out almost completely, and I could feel the engorged head of his cock almost POP out of it's tight confine.  And then he would sink it back into me slowly and deliberately.  His pace was maddeningly slow and after a few minutes, I could not stand it any longer.  I wrenched my arms down from over my head and used them to brace myself against the wood covered wall.  I pushed my ass toward him quickly and rapidly, leaving him no choice but to allow himself to be sucked in and pushed out of my velvety glove.  This must have excited him as well, because he reacted immediately and grabbed hold of my hips and started pounding me the way I wanted him to.  Now, my face was scraping against the wall and I could feel the sharp slap of his skin against my ass but these sensations began to fade as I was suddenly gripped by the tidal wave of pleasure rocketing up from deep within my belly.  He groaned and sputtered and his thrusting became uncoordinated and spasmodic and I stiffened and came against him as he unloaded his glory into me with one long growl.

It felt like a year passed before I felt his breathing return to normal.  He gently pulled away, put himself back together and helped steady me so I could find my keys and open the door.  He followed me in, and after I shut and locked the door, turned me around to kiss me tenderly.  His big hands framed my face and when I finally turned on the hallway light, I was able to gaze up into the big, blue eyes of my husband and thank him for this wonderful game of GUESS WHO....Who says married life has to be boring??

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hey Tigerrrrrrrrrrr.....

I'm so glad you came knocking at my back door the other night.  I had just gotten out of the shower, was still in my little red robe and was in serious need of something to relax me before I went out for the evening.  I guess just the sight of my little ass wiggling in front of you as you followed me back down the hall to the living room was enough to get you going.  I couldn't help but notice the bulge in the front of your pants, and that is ALL I NEEDED to bring me to my knees in front of you.  As I leaned forward and pressed my lips against the outline of your hard dick, breathing my hot breath against it, I felt your hands move to untie the strap of my robe.  Your hands pulled me to my feet, pushing the satin fabric off of my body.  After gazing at my body clad only in the smoky black silk bra and thong I had on, you gently caressed my breasts with your palms.  I moaned softly.  This spurred you on to find the clip of my bra, and my breasts suddenly sprang forward....released.  How could you have known that your fingertips and mouth on my nipples would have such an effect on me????  That you could ALMOST make me cum from stimulating them....???

To stop this from happening, I spun myself around and sat down on the couch.  My intention was to open the button to your pants and pull them down to the floor along with your underwear.  I tugged at your shirt, encouraging you to pull it up over your head and allow it to drop to the floor.  NOW your magnificent, naked body stood there before me.  I was soaking wet,  and used my fingers to bring some of that sweet juice up to wipe it on the tip of the cock that was now staring me in my eyes.  In one strong thrust, you slid that hard shaft into my mouth and started fucking my lips.  I could taste the sweet and salty taste of your precum in the back of my throat and just as I was readying myself for a whole huge load of it....you pushed me over onto my knees and thrust yourself deep into my pussy.  I cried out and was amazed by how every inch of your cock sliding in and out of my snatch brought me closer and closer to cumming.  When you reached down and pinched my nipples between your fingers as you drove into me from behind, I COMPLETELY LOST IT!!! Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through my body...you could feel my pussy clamping down on you as I came.

When you could feel the tremors subsiding in my body, you pulled yourself out and began to trace a hot, wet pattern across my ass cheeks with your swollen penis.  I could feel how engorged you were and knew you needed some sweet release sooner than later.  You began to push the tip into my tight asshole.  As you pushed further, you could feel me sucking you in....and were soon enveloped in the smooth, hot, tight dream of my body.  Your balls smashed against my ass cheeks....my head banged against the back of the couch.  You slapped my ass with your hand and at the same time started to feel the first spurt of  fiery  cum start working its way from the bottom of your balls.  Each spasm of your orgasm carried this hot spunk out the tip of your cock and buried it deep inside of me.  I felt you collapse on my back, your skin hot and wet...your heartbeat hammering against my skin.

Wow....So glad you decided to come for a quick visit.  Later that evening I would be quizzed about where I had gotten such wonderful color in my cheeks.  They would all want to know who my masseuse was...and what he or she had done to give me such a calm and relaxed demeanor.  Hahahahah....my little secret.  Thank you Tiger...can't wait til you visit again.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Oh yes!!!  I did soooo enjoy our call a couple of days ago!!  Any man who can make me cum 3 times in under a half an hour is a hero in MY book.  Your complete control as you ordered me to use my fingers on my pussy, then on my ass made me soooo HOT!!!!  Then, the thing you asked me to do with my TOES just pushed me over the edge!!!!

You are so sexy.  Although my husband knows that I do this job, I don't ever really share many details of my calls.  However, I was so completely swollen and drenched with juice when he came home from his pool league match, he demanded to know what had put me in such a condition.  So I told him.  And you know what??  He didn't get mad.  He got HORNY!!!  He pounded me with an intensity which I have not felt since our honeymoon!!! 

"FASTER, FASTER FASTER!!!  HARDER, HARDER, HARDER!!!"  I yelled as he slammed his huge cock into me over and over for at least an hour.  Mmmmm...thank you sexy man...for the call as well as for the added SPICE it gave me afterwards.  Hope to hear from you again soon.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Silly, silly man....

Ha ha ha ha!!!  What were you thinking, lowering yourself to the dregs of the servant society by agreeing to become my blackmail slave?  Were you driven by your relentless need for danger and excitement???  Are you simply an endless pit of money??  Do you realize how little power you now have to control any part of this relationship??

You couldn't just leave well alone.  It wasn't enough for you to have me tease and extract the funds from you...as I willingly played along with your whims.  How typical of you, silly, silly man.  You had to push the envelope.  So NOW-- I have the upperhand and you are powerless to make any demands at all.   Ha ha ha ha ha ah!!!  It would be so very easy, so very evil if I were to send some small tidbit of a clue to your address...something that would set off a whole wildfire of reaction if it were to be discovered by anyone in your household...maybe even by your wife.  Just to let her know you have been keeping company with a sexy woman like myself, NEVERMIND the fact that you are allowing this financial domination!!!  Think about THAT as you go through your day....as you lie awake at night.

I thank you, silly, silly man.  I thank you for proving once again, how weak and foolish men can be.  I thank you for showing us all that women can and WILL have the upperhand....especially when you make it so easy.