"It's the good girls that keep the diaries; the bad girls never have the time."-Tallulah Bankhead

(I'm HOPING this explains why I have been so bad at making posts as of lately!!!)

Friday, December 3, 2010


I had just about made it to the front gate of my apartment when I felt his hands cover my eyes from behind. 

"Guess who??" he whispered in a voice so soft I could barely make out the words.

I moved my hands up to touch his and as I did, he pushed me forward through the gate and onto my front porch.  I felt myself knock into the wooden bench which sat to the left of my door and then felt him remove his hands from my face.   I had not thought to leave my front light on so it was completely dark in this little wooden space outside my front door.  He had me pinned against the wall next to the door with his body, I could feel both his racing heart and throbbing cock as he raised my hands above my head and held them with one of his massive hands.  His other hand began to roam the contours of my body, eventually making it's way up my skirt.  I recognized his scent, and the familiar feel of his huge, calloused hands so I allowed him to probe the wetness which had started between my legs.  It always amazed me that he was so adept at gently working the moist, silky folds of my pussy despite the outward appearance of his fingers.  He slid those fingers underneath the fabric at the crotch of my panties and moved them against my clit, making me moan and shudder.

Without warning, he wrapped his fist around the fabric of my tiny thong and ripped it from my body in one rough jerk.  He then fumbled against my ass, unbuttoning his pants and freeing his cock so that I could feel it's hot tip bobbing against my exposed cheeks.  I raised myself up on my tiptoes and his swollen head grazed the outside of my snatch.  He dragged it along the wetness there until the tip and shaft were coated in my sweet glaze.  Then without further hesitation, he pierced me from behind...SLAMMING ME AGAINST THE OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE!!!  I felt him fill me...splitting me in two.  As quick and violent as this first introduction had been, he then relented and began a slow rhythmic tempo of pushing and pulling in and out of my hot cunt.  He would pull out almost completely, and I could feel the engorged head of his cock almost POP out of it's tight confine.  And then he would sink it back into me slowly and deliberately.  His pace was maddeningly slow and after a few minutes, I could not stand it any longer.  I wrenched my arms down from over my head and used them to brace myself against the wood covered wall.  I pushed my ass toward him quickly and rapidly, leaving him no choice but to allow himself to be sucked in and pushed out of my velvety glove.  This must have excited him as well, because he reacted immediately and grabbed hold of my hips and started pounding me the way I wanted him to.  Now, my face was scraping against the wall and I could feel the sharp slap of his skin against my ass but these sensations began to fade as I was suddenly gripped by the tidal wave of pleasure rocketing up from deep within my belly.  He groaned and sputtered and his thrusting became uncoordinated and spasmodic and I stiffened and came against him as he unloaded his glory into me with one long growl.

It felt like a year passed before I felt his breathing return to normal.  He gently pulled away, put himself back together and helped steady me so I could find my keys and open the door.  He followed me in, and after I shut and locked the door, turned me around to kiss me tenderly.  His big hands framed my face and when I finally turned on the hallway light, I was able to gaze up into the big, blue eyes of my husband and thank him for this wonderful game of GUESS WHO....Who says married life has to be boring??

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hey Tigerrrrrrrrrrr.....

I'm so glad you came knocking at my back door the other night.  I had just gotten out of the shower, was still in my little red robe and was in serious need of something to relax me before I went out for the evening.  I guess just the sight of my little ass wiggling in front of you as you followed me back down the hall to the living room was enough to get you going.  I couldn't help but notice the bulge in the front of your pants, and that is ALL I NEEDED to bring me to my knees in front of you.  As I leaned forward and pressed my lips against the outline of your hard dick, breathing my hot breath against it, I felt your hands move to untie the strap of my robe.  Your hands pulled me to my feet, pushing the satin fabric off of my body.  After gazing at my body clad only in the smoky black silk bra and thong I had on, you gently caressed my breasts with your palms.  I moaned softly.  This spurred you on to find the clip of my bra, and my breasts suddenly sprang forward....released.  How could you have known that your fingertips and mouth on my nipples would have such an effect on me????  That you could ALMOST make me cum from stimulating them....???

To stop this from happening, I spun myself around and sat down on the couch.  My intention was to open the button to your pants and pull them down to the floor along with your underwear.  I tugged at your shirt, encouraging you to pull it up over your head and allow it to drop to the floor.  NOW your magnificent, naked body stood there before me.  I was soaking wet,  and used my fingers to bring some of that sweet juice up to wipe it on the tip of the cock that was now staring me in my eyes.  In one strong thrust, you slid that hard shaft into my mouth and started fucking my lips.  I could taste the sweet and salty taste of your precum in the back of my throat and just as I was readying myself for a whole huge load of it....you pushed me over onto my knees and thrust yourself deep into my pussy.  I cried out and was amazed by how every inch of your cock sliding in and out of my snatch brought me closer and closer to cumming.  When you reached down and pinched my nipples between your fingers as you drove into me from behind, I COMPLETELY LOST IT!!! Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through my body...you could feel my pussy clamping down on you as I came.

When you could feel the tremors subsiding in my body, you pulled yourself out and began to trace a hot, wet pattern across my ass cheeks with your swollen penis.  I could feel how engorged you were and knew you needed some sweet release sooner than later.  You began to push the tip into my tight asshole.  As you pushed further, you could feel me sucking you in....and were soon enveloped in the smooth, hot, tight dream of my body.  Your balls smashed against my ass cheeks....my head banged against the back of the couch.  You slapped my ass with your hand and at the same time started to feel the first spurt of  fiery  cum start working its way from the bottom of your balls.  Each spasm of your orgasm carried this hot spunk out the tip of your cock and buried it deep inside of me.  I felt you collapse on my back, your skin hot and wet...your heartbeat hammering against my skin.

Wow....So glad you decided to come for a quick visit.  Later that evening I would be quizzed about where I had gotten such wonderful color in my cheeks.  They would all want to know who my masseuse was...and what he or she had done to give me such a calm and relaxed demeanor.  Hahahahah....my little secret.  Thank you Tiger...can't wait til you visit again.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Oh yes!!!  I did soooo enjoy our call a couple of days ago!!  Any man who can make me cum 3 times in under a half an hour is a hero in MY book.  Your complete control as you ordered me to use my fingers on my pussy, then on my ass made me soooo HOT!!!!  Then, the thing you asked me to do with my TOES just pushed me over the edge!!!!

You are so sexy.  Although my husband knows that I do this job, I don't ever really share many details of my calls.  However, I was so completely swollen and drenched with juice when he came home from his pool league match, he demanded to know what had put me in such a condition.  So I told him.  And you know what??  He didn't get mad.  He got HORNY!!!  He pounded me with an intensity which I have not felt since our honeymoon!!! 

"FASTER, FASTER FASTER!!!  HARDER, HARDER, HARDER!!!"  I yelled as he slammed his huge cock into me over and over for at least an hour.  Mmmmm...thank you sexy man...for the call as well as for the added SPICE it gave me afterwards.  Hope to hear from you again soon.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Silly, silly man....

Ha ha ha ha!!!  What were you thinking, lowering yourself to the dregs of the servant society by agreeing to become my blackmail slave?  Were you driven by your relentless need for danger and excitement???  Are you simply an endless pit of money??  Do you realize how little power you now have to control any part of this relationship??

You couldn't just leave well alone.  It wasn't enough for you to have me tease and extract the funds from you...as I willingly played along with your whims.  How typical of you, silly, silly man.  You had to push the envelope.  So NOW-- I have the upperhand and you are powerless to make any demands at all.   Ha ha ha ha ha ah!!!  It would be so very easy, so very evil if I were to send some small tidbit of a clue to your address...something that would set off a whole wildfire of reaction if it were to be discovered by anyone in your household...maybe even by your wife.  Just to let her know you have been keeping company with a sexy woman like myself, NEVERMIND the fact that you are allowing this financial domination!!!  Think about THAT as you go through your day....as you lie awake at night.

I thank you, silly, silly man.  I thank you for proving once again, how weak and foolish men can be.  I thank you for showing us all that women can and WILL have the upperhand....especially when you make it so easy.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pantyboy Superhero

That is what this image makes me think of:   some twisted, perverted SUPERHERO.   I mean, look at you, with your funny pink fishnets left bunched up at your knees, your strange little poofy ballerina skirt and your special super powered, sequined panty face mask.

I DO, however, have to give you credit for your basic color choice and coordination.   I know that most men tend to be colorblind and so this may be the true area of expertise you embody as the Pantyboy Superhero.  I give you props for your clever matching of  HOT pink satin panties covering that itty-bitty-teenie-peenie we all know you have, stockings and sexy lavender bodice ( especially since it highlights your sexy spattering of chest hair, man boobs and farmer tan.)  It is somehow reminiscent of something I might have chosen to wear from the depths of my grandmother's closet combined with something I had borrowed from my slutty, stripper babysitter when I was 9 years old.  Really, you might be onto some new fashion statement.  Or NOT.  I guess my only disappointment is that I am not able to see what sexy shoes you are wearing to complete this ensemble.  Hmm....maybe next time. ROCK ON PANTYBOY SUPERHERO!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I had a feeling you would like the idea of my silky scarf wrapped around your head, covering your eyes.  I pulled you up from your chair and turned you toward me.  You were slightly unsteady on your feet, and as I slid my hands up under your shirt to help you slide it off over your head, you leaned toward me and I could feel the slight bulge in the front of your pants.  This bulge continued to grow as I fumbled with your pants buttons and hastily lowered both your trousers and your underwear.  Your cock sprang forward and stood at attention, touching my cheek as I helped you step out of the last of your clothing.

Stopping only long enough to brush your lips with mine, I turned you around and pushed you onto your back on the bed.  I climbed up and dragged my breasts along your body so you could feel my nipples and how swollen they had become at the sight of your naked body.  I settled myself onto your belly and you could also now feel the wetness this sight generated between my legs.  I had several toys I had brought with me to tease your skin with.  The first thing I moved over your skin was my feather tickler.  Up and down each of your thighs and around your swollen balls.  I then switched to my next toy...a simple terrycloth washrag I had soaked in hot water.  As I moved this up and down your legs and across your chest, it not only gave you the sensation of something a little rougher and quite warm, but left a delightful wet trail which cooled as I worked and gave you goosebumps.  When I reached for the next toy from my bag of tricks you suddenly grabbed me and pulled me to you in a passionate embrace...your lips locked to mine.

"I want to kiss and lick that pussy of yours, Samantha!!!" you gruffly whispered into my ear.

So I rotated my body over yours until I had a knee on either side of your head, and your huge cock in my face.  You hungrily began to devour my snatch and it felt soooo good I was almost unable to focus on your stiff member straining towards my lips.  But once I caught you in my mouth and began to let you fuck the back of my throat, I simply followed along with the same speed and tempo you were using on my pussy.  Pretty soon I could feel myself start to cum.

"OH NO YOU DON'T!!!!"  you proclaimed.  "NOT YET!!!  I WANT YOU TO RIDE MY COCK!"

Well, you didn't have to ask me twice...NO SIRREEEEE!!!  I rotated my self down and around so that I could line your wet cock up with my aching pussy and shoved you deep inside of me with one quick, urgent motion.  Ahhhhhh....having you stop me so close to cumming before only made it crazier for me as I felt you sliding in and out of me now.  I quickly pulled the scarf from around your eyes.  I wanted to see the passion in your eyes as  I ground my hips down onto your body, rising and falling, feeling you pumping in and out of me.  My pussy muscles gripped you so very tightly...our bodies slapping together.  Pretty soon I could feel your body tense and start to jerk and that's all I needed to feel.  I was suddenly wrenched into the spasms of my own gigantic orgasm and had to hold onto your body with my hands and thighs to steady myself so I did not rocket right off of your cock and the bed.  Wave after wave of pleasure slammed me.  When it finally subsided, I collapsed onto your chest and delighted in the feeling of your hands gently stroke the skin of my back.  WOW.  Knew you'd like the blindfold thing...now just wait until next time...see what I can come up with then.

Monday, October 25, 2010

MMMMmmmm...My Favorite Crush

I dreamed about you last night...all this silly teasing has gotten to me.  You came to my bed after I turned my light off for the night.  I felt your hands smoothing the sheet over the skin of my side. After climbing underneath my bedding, you lay behind me.  I could feel your soft, warm breath on the nape of my neck as you moved my hair aside and pulled me close to spoon me.  I was delightfully aware of your hardening nipples on my back...and even more delighted by the feel of your hands on MY nipples.   Your palms were making slow circles on my breasts.  My breath caught as you moved one of those hands down across my stomach and up over my hip.  You continued to explore the skin on my belly and side, occasionally running your fingers down across my ass cheeks....then up again and around to my inner thigh....over and over again.  I suddenly became aware of the fact that I WAS NOT DREAMING THIS.

The heat from your body combined with the luxurious feeling of your hands coming closer and closer to my center caused me to lean back into you.  As I pushed back against you, I turned my face to meet yours and kissed your sweet, soft lips.  This also caused my knees to come apart and at that exact moment, you finally allowed your hand to brush over my aching pussy...now WET and SWOLLEN from your teasing movements.  My entire body suddenly felt as though it was on fire.  Your lips and tongue were sooooo incredibly hot and luscious and your fingers pushing inside of me were causing me to surrender to you COMPLETELY.  I turned over and grabbed your head in my hands, crushing you against my lips, probing your mouth with my tongue.  Your fingers on my snatch were playing a sweet melody that was threatening to push me over the edge...and I began to cum.  I felt the contractions building within my body, pushing up through my spine and coursing up until I could feel the waves of pleasure moving out towards my fingers and toes.  I moaned against your mouth.

Once I had recovered my senses enough, I pulled my mouth away from your tender kisses.  My tongue began to trace a path down the side of your jawbone and down the side of your neck, where I could feel your pulse racing.  My hands moved over each of your breasts, and as I stopped to tease and pull each of your nipples I could feel your breath catching in your throat.  I kissed my way down your collarbone and lightly brushed my cheeks over each swollen breast.  I pointed my tongue and circled first your left nipple...then your right.  As I did this, my hand began to brush against the insides of your thighs.  As the side of my hand came up to the place where your thigh meets your pussy, I could feel the incredible wetness of you.  When I slid my hand up farther to part the outer lips of it, I was welcomed by the most amazing, silky feeling of your hot, wet pussy and engorged clit.  This made my mouth begin to water, and so I continued to kiss my way down your belly.  Spreading your legs with my hands, I began to lick the outside of your pussy with my tongue...just teasing.  When I reached the upper folds where your clit was swelling through and sticking out mocking me, I kissed it, suddenly and voraciously.  As quickly as I started this, I stopped.  I leaned back and blew a soft funnel of air on it and continued to lick my way down your inner lips.  I fucked your hot hole with my tongue for a minute before licking my way back to your clit.

At this point, I had been touching my wet slit with my other hand and decided now would be a good time to use my 2 fingers I had stuffed up there to begin to probe your pussy walls while I went to town on your clit with my mouth.  Within seconds, I could feel the walls on the inside of your slippery cunt begin to contract and spasm around my fingers.  I clamped my mouth to you and felt your hands on my head...tangled in my hair...forcing my mouth against your body.  You came...and I was rewarded with the most amazing torrent of sweet, hot juice pouring forth into my mouth and over my fingers.  I continued to lick up this delicious offering, until I felt you go limp, your breathing returning to normal.  I slowly moved my way back up so that my head was resting next to yours on the pillow.  I kissed you softly, offering my sweet tongue to you.  Your lips caressed mine until I began to drift off into a dreamlike state.  It is really remarkable to have your sexy body and talents to help me off from one dream to another....thank you for being my favorite crush.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Oh...you were already soooo hard.  We've been thinking about you all morning.  Scheming, planning....whispering to each other.  DYING for absolution.  So we cornered you in the quiet parish rec room, pushing you down into your chair.  She got underneath the table in front of you to pull your pants down as I unbuttoned and unzipped them from above.  Then she quickly came to sit in her chair so that we were flanking you on either side.  I whispered for you to close your eyes.  She uncapped the bottle of lubricant and squirted some down onto your swollen cock.  I held my hand out to her, and she squeezed a glob of the gel into my palm.  Now we went to work.

With your eyes closed, if felt like a HUNDRED hands working up and down your shaft.  The two of us worked at your swollen penis, squeezing up from the base...delicately dragging our nails across the tip and down the sides.  She lowered her hands to massage your balls while I pulled upwards on the entire length of your cock alternating both hands in an increasing tempo.   After a minute, she joined my efforts and with feathery light movements mixed with urgent tugs and squeezing from both of our eager hands we brought you to the edge of your climax over and over again....stopping just before allowing you to find the release you were seeking.

"Oh Father...forgive us for teasing you so.  We only hope to make this quick encounter last a moment longer!" she whispered in your ear.

With this request for forgiveness, we renewed our fervent efforts once again.  Slippery fingertips, grasping palms and delicate fingernails working patterns around your cock and balls once again brought you close to that heavenly edge.

"Isn't this soooo NAUGHTY, Father???"  I whispered into your ear.  "What we are doing is so very PERVERTED....why don't you cum for us, Father?"

And with those words, we did not relent this time.  We moved our hands and fingers in tandom, squeezing and rubbing and massaging you to the screaming orgasm which wracked your body.  We delighted in watching you try to keep from bellowing aloud and were thrilled to see the spurts of your hot cum coat our fingers and wrists.

As we watched you try to recover, pulling your pants up and wiping the sweat from your brow, we licked our fingers clean.  We started to hear the slight noise of the evening mass worshipers as they began to enter the church.  Kissing you on either side of your face we promised to be sure to come to your "Special Confessional" again very soon.

Monday, October 18, 2010


My nerves were on fire.  I knew I was in for it when you lead me to the center of the room, and cinched my waist tightly with your device...one strap still dangling between my legs...large dildo hanging from it obscenely.  Your sweet caresses are what kept me from bolting.  THAT,  and my desire to obey and worship you so completely.  You stuffed that large vibrator deep inside of me and connected the straps to my waist, forcing me to lock it into place after you tightened it.  You then placed the controller into my hands.

You commanded me to lie on the floor, a spotlight shone down upon me.  I could hear the soft laughter and whispers of those I could not see as you asked me, "Would you like to masturbate on the floor in front of everyone, Samantha?"  I told you I would.  So you demanded that I click to device to the #1 position, and the vibrator began to hum deep inside of me.  At first, this was a wonderful sensation.  But then suddenly, you commanded, "CLICK TO # 2, SLAVE SAMANTHA!!!!"

I did as I was told, and the vibration became more intense.  I started flailing my hands, trying to grasp at something on the cold, dirty floor...anything to brace myself against.  Every movement in the device was causing chafing at my waist and between my legs.  But the vibration deep in my pussy was bringing me closer and closer to an earth shattering orgasm and so I was unable, at this point, to keep from moving.

"CLICK TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL, # 3 SLAVE SAMANTHA!!!"  you bellowed.  And as I obeyed, my nipples vibrating against the rough floor, hands grasping at nothing, you then commanded,  "CUM FOR ME NOW, SLAVE SAMANTHA!!!!!"

SMACK!!!!!  You swatted my ass with your crop just as the waves of my orgasm began coursing through my body.  The combination of pleasure and the pain of the leather restraints was overwhelming.  My body shuddered and as I grew limp, you ordered me to shut the device off.

"UNLOCK THE DEVICE, SLAVE SAMANTHA!"  you ordered me as you tossed me the key.  I felt your cool hands caressing my back as you helped me out of the contraption.  Your hands and lips soothing my shoulders...soft voice in my ear..."Very nice, Slave Samantha..."

I was suddenly aware of the hot flesh of your cock pressed up against my thighs as you removed the vibrator from my pussy.  My desire was re-ignited INSTANTLY.  I could feel your hands everywhere on my body....  your lips and tongue on my skin, fingertips rubbing salve on my chafed waist and pussy lips.  As you rotated my body toward yours and rubbed the hot skin of your cock over my cunt, I moaned with pleasure.

You thrust into me all in one motion.  I grasped your body in my hands and wrapped my legs around you, holding on with every ounce of strength I had left.  The feeling of your hot flesh penetrating me felt like Heaven compared to the hard vibrating device it replaced.  I relished in the feeling of your passion and warmth as you pounded into me harder and harder.  Your movements quickly became more frenzied and I could feel you bucking as you exploded into me.  My pussy muscles contracted again as I started to cum along with you.

When your body quieted, I collapsed underneath you and felt the overwhelming feeling of gratitude.  I would do anything for THIS PLEASURE.  I will obey you forever.  I am yours for the taking, to serve and to obey.  THIS is why.  You are my MASTER.  I will always succumb.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Forgive us Father....

Is it a sin that we can not get your amazing cock out of our minds?  I can still feel the heat coming off of it as I brush my cheeks against the underside of your stiff shaft.  I see it glistening with the thick globs of Crisco that we have slathered on it.  My fingers intertwined with hers...both sets perfectly detailed with a fresh French manicure...stroking the length of your gorgeous cock.  I lower myself so that I can take each of your balls into my mouth and gaze up at it as she wraps her hands and lips around you.  We WORSHIP you, Father...in more ways than one.  We  WORSHIP your hot, swollen penis and marvel at how large it is getting with every stroke and lick.  I can actually see it pulsing and growing before my very eyes.  As she continues to lavish you with her adoring tongue, I pull myself up to whisper in your ear, "Does it turn you on to see that young girl using her tiny little lips on your cock, Father?"  I feel your cock grow even larger in my hand in response.

"You are so NAUGHTY...so PERVERTED for having taken her tiny panties to keep and use for your own torrid pleasure!!"  Yet I take them into my hands, and tie them around the base of your cock and balls.

"Does it turn you on to feel that sweet, young, girl's panties on the skin of your cock and balls?"  I see the little drop of precum that collects on the tip, and assume that it does.  She continues to stroke you, touching her tongue to the drop of moisture and savoring it.  "Oh forgive me Father...I can't help but worship this magnificent cock!" she says.

I return to the spot next to her and  between your legs, resting my cheek on your inner thigh.  I gaze with wonder and awe at the sight of your growing cock and contemplate devouring it with my mouth.  The two of us are licking and sucking up either side of your shaft...our tongues entangled, only pausing for a few seconds to kiss and share the flavor of you in worship.  All you are aware of now is the feeling our two sets of hands and lips as we stroke and lick and fondle you until you are ready to spurt your enormous load into our hungry mouths.

Alternately, we ask for your forgiveness..."Please Forgive me, for I have sinned...I can not stop from thinking about your cock...and can't keep my hands and lips off of it!!!"   It is not long before you bless us with your sweet, hot spunk.  You watch as we open our mouths and catch it, then lick the precious liquid that lands elsewhere off of each other's faces, necks and breasts.  We are absolved.  We are sated.  For now, anyways.  Forgive us Father, for it will not be long before we will need to ask for your blessing again.

Friday, October 8, 2010


I never even got his name.  I still needed another $50 to make rent for October and as I scanned the room looking at my potential lap dance candidates, I started feeling that old twinge of desperation.  I turned toward the rear of the room and was intending to exit to the private dressing room when he touched my shoulder.

"Will you dance for me?"  he asked.

I took the money from his hand and led him to a chair in the darkest part of the room near the entrance to the dressing room.  Before he sat, he whispered in my ear, "I will gladly pay an additional fee if you will accommodate my only request...I have a preference for heels and fishnet stockings...would you indulge me? I will wait right here for you."

I exited quickly and rummaged through my bag of accessories in the cramped dressing quarters.  I removed my nude stockings and thong panties and replaced them with a pair of black fishnet stockings (the sort with the extra large webbing), a simple black garter to keep them in place,  and my favorite black patent leather stilettos. I returned to find him sitting where I left him.

As I approached, he didn't speak...simply turned me around and pulled me into his lap, his hands immediately moving to my thighs where he began to finger the skin through the openings of the fishnet.

"Customers are not permitted to touch us in this way, but it is dark back here and I can tell by the look in your eyes that you have a special interest in these stockings so I will allow it...for an additonal fee."  I whispered in his ear as I twisted toward him.  He stuffed another bill into my bodice top.

I continued to dance in his lap, as we are not permitted to stop dancing, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  I was not wearing any panties and was able to feel the hot bulge of his cock through his pants as I gyrated on top of him.  He moved the back of my skirt up so that my bare ass cheeks were pressed against the front of his trousers and reached for his zipper.

"Customers are not permitted to remove their cocks from their clothing, but as long as I keep my skirt down in the front and keep dancing, I will allow it...for an additional fee."

As I continued to move my legs and hips back and forth and around and around...I reached behind and began to stroke him once he was free from the confines of his boxers and trouser fly.  He stuffed another bill into my bodice.  I leaned forward to shake my hair and give him the opportunity to rub his cock along the gentle curves of my ass cheeks before settling back down with his rod trapped between them.  I am quite certain he was able to feel the wetness that this had generated on the outside of my pussy entrance.

"Customers are not permitted to fuck their dancers with their huge, hard cocks...but as long as I continue to dance in your lap and you promise to make me cum...I will allow it...for an additional fee."

He quickly fumbled and slid another bill into my bodice and  as I leaned forward again to shake my ass in his face, I felt him take his cock in his hand.  When I settled my body back into place on his lap, he guided  himself into my swollen, wet pussy with no effort at all.  I continued to rock and sway my hips.  I shifted my weight from one leg to the other, allowing him to thrust into me again and again.  My legs scissored out in front of me...my arms grasping his thighs tightly...I was grinding myself onto him with abandon.  The club music pounded into my ears as he pounded his cock into my cunt.  I soon found myself having a difficult time continuing my dance and as the spasms of pleasure shot up my spine and I began to cum, I allowed my self to recline against his chest.  With my ear so close to his mouth, I was able to hear him grunt as he came too.  I could feel his own contractions against me and felt the twitching of his cock as he emptied himself into me.  It was then that he spoke his only other words to me.

"That was the best lap dance I have ever had."  was all he said.  I kept myself in his lap until he could put himself away.  As soon as he was ready, I stood up and turned to say goodbye.  But by the time I turned around, he was gone.  POOF!  I was almost offended, until I reached into my bodice and pulled out the crumpled bills.  Hmmmm...I would be able to pay the rest of my rent and was finishing my night with a SMILE on my face and a spring in my step.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hey Teacher...

It must have been the naughty story I was reading before I went to sleep last night.  You came to me in my dreams.  You had your suitcoat and tie on, looking very stern in your reading glasses.  I could feel your scorn for me radiating off of your skin.  I was late for our tutoring session, AGAIN.  At first you motioned for me to be seated on the chair opposite your desk.  You continued to work on the quizzes before you..angrily slashing at your students errors.  I watched in silence.  I was bored, so I slouched in my chair, allowed my knees to open and began going through the texts in my phone.  I soon became aware of your gaze on my legs and thighs.  I realized that you were straining to see a little bit more of what I had under my short, red, plaid skirt.  I pretended not to notice...and allowed my knees to fall farther apart, revealing the soft folds of my clean shaven pussy lips. 

Soon, the red pen you were using to correct your quizzes with dropped to the floor.  Startled, I looked up and noticed the change in your expression.  Your face was flushed, your eyes dilated..and glassy.  I quickly dropped to the ground and retrieved your pen.  I stayed on my knees and crawled over to your chair to return it to you.  You pushed your chair back and grabbed my hand as I lifted it to put the pen on your desk.   You then pushed my open palm to the front of your khakis and showed me the bulge which had appeared there.  I understood that this was to be the punishment for my tardiness and quickly began to massage the hard shaft of your cock through the fabric.  I leaned forward and opened your pants, reaching in to pull your fully engorged penis out of your pants.  I ran the tip of my tongue up the underside of your shaft, lingering on the tip, swirling my tongue around it's swollen  mushroom head....tasting your hot, salty/sweet offering glistening at the center.

The change in your breathing spurred me into action and I quickly opened my lips and let the entire length of you slide to the back of my throat.  I pulled you back out and let a long stream of saliva drip down and cover my hand which was grasped around the base of your cock.  Now that I had started, I was eager to please you...and began sucking and licking and stroking you with both hands and my lips and tongue.  You put your hands in my hair and started fucking my face in earnest.  There was no stopping now.  I worked your cock fast and furious...and within a matter of moments I felt your thighs tense and your hands clench even harder on my head as you started to cum in huge, forceful spurts.  I kept my lips wrapped around the tip of your cock and let you empty your anger, frustration and passion into my hungry mouth.  When you were finally quiet, and sighing, I looked up to see you gazing back down at me with a new expression on your face.  You looked peaceful and calm.  And just as I stood  up to lean forward and kiss the little smile on your lips...THE FIRE ALARM SOUNDED IN THE BUILDING!!!  I jumped and turned to grab my bag and was suddenly aware of the fact that it was no FIRE ALARM.  It was my alarm clock!!!!  I had been sucking on my index finger and I noticed how pruned it was as I reached up to press the button to silence the offending noise.  GRRRRrrrrrr...and I swear I could still taste you on my tongue.


As the warm afternoon sun filters through the maple tree outside my window onto my hands at the keyboard, I quietly contemplate my new position as your assistant.  I feel gratitude as well as the heavy sense of responsibility.  I have so much to learn.  Fortunately, I have already resigned myself to the internal feelings necessary to being this journey.  I am yours...COMPLETELY.  Mentally and physically.  I am your servant and your accomplice...and even as your accomplice, my goal is to serve you.  I tremble at the thought of bowing in your presence.  My senses are ignited by your touch.  The smell of the leather of my collar and armbands is intoxicating.  I anxiously await the tug of your hands on my restraints, the rough probing of your devices...or your cock.  I ache for your release...and the balm of your lips when we are finished.  I bow to you in KARTA...again and again.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Hello to you all....thank you for coming to visit.  I am fairly new to Niteflirt and am really looking forward to talking to you.  I am just dying for some new, HOTTT, fresh stuff to blog about.  I want to be your COMPLETE FANTASY.  Just let me know exactly how I can tease you, please you and give you the most amazing phone experience you've ever had.  Don't be shy...there is nothing I won't share with you.  Hope to hear from you all real soon.  I'll be here waiting....