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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Forgive us Father....

Is it a sin that we can not get your amazing cock out of our minds?  I can still feel the heat coming off of it as I brush my cheeks against the underside of your stiff shaft.  I see it glistening with the thick globs of Crisco that we have slathered on it.  My fingers intertwined with hers...both sets perfectly detailed with a fresh French manicure...stroking the length of your gorgeous cock.  I lower myself so that I can take each of your balls into my mouth and gaze up at it as she wraps her hands and lips around you.  We WORSHIP you, Father...in more ways than one.  We  WORSHIP your hot, swollen penis and marvel at how large it is getting with every stroke and lick.  I can actually see it pulsing and growing before my very eyes.  As she continues to lavish you with her adoring tongue, I pull myself up to whisper in your ear, "Does it turn you on to see that young girl using her tiny little lips on your cock, Father?"  I feel your cock grow even larger in my hand in response.

"You are so NAUGHTY...so PERVERTED for having taken her tiny panties to keep and use for your own torrid pleasure!!"  Yet I take them into my hands, and tie them around the base of your cock and balls.

"Does it turn you on to feel that sweet, young, girl's panties on the skin of your cock and balls?"  I see the little drop of precum that collects on the tip, and assume that it does.  She continues to stroke you, touching her tongue to the drop of moisture and savoring it.  "Oh forgive me Father...I can't help but worship this magnificent cock!" she says.

I return to the spot next to her and  between your legs, resting my cheek on your inner thigh.  I gaze with wonder and awe at the sight of your growing cock and contemplate devouring it with my mouth.  The two of us are licking and sucking up either side of your shaft...our tongues entangled, only pausing for a few seconds to kiss and share the flavor of you in worship.  All you are aware of now is the feeling our two sets of hands and lips as we stroke and lick and fondle you until you are ready to spurt your enormous load into our hungry mouths.

Alternately, we ask for your forgiveness..."Please Forgive me, for I have sinned...I can not stop from thinking about your cock...and can't keep my hands and lips off of it!!!"   It is not long before you bless us with your sweet, hot spunk.  You watch as we open our mouths and catch it, then lick the precious liquid that lands elsewhere off of each other's faces, necks and breasts.  We are absolved.  We are sated.  For now, anyways.  Forgive us Father, for it will not be long before we will need to ask for your blessing again.

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  1. What a great story! It got my cock to start getting hard. It makes me want you Samantha!