"It's the good girls that keep the diaries; the bad girls never have the time."-Tallulah Bankhead

(I'm HOPING this explains why I have been so bad at making posts as of lately!!!)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pantyboy Superhero

That is what this image makes me think of:   some twisted, perverted SUPERHERO.   I mean, look at you, with your funny pink fishnets left bunched up at your knees, your strange little poofy ballerina skirt and your special super powered, sequined panty face mask.

I DO, however, have to give you credit for your basic color choice and coordination.   I know that most men tend to be colorblind and so this may be the true area of expertise you embody as the Pantyboy Superhero.  I give you props for your clever matching of  HOT pink satin panties covering that itty-bitty-teenie-peenie we all know you have, stockings and sexy lavender bodice ( especially since it highlights your sexy spattering of chest hair, man boobs and farmer tan.)  It is somehow reminiscent of something I might have chosen to wear from the depths of my grandmother's closet combined with something I had borrowed from my slutty, stripper babysitter when I was 9 years old.  Really, you might be onto some new fashion statement.  Or NOT.  I guess my only disappointment is that I am not able to see what sexy shoes you are wearing to complete this ensemble.  Hmm....maybe next time. ROCK ON PANTYBOY SUPERHERO!!!


  1. oh nice one. love how you give us details of what he is wearing not being in fashion date or anything lol. and although you completely demolish his outfit, you do give him some props on good things lol. i agree next time, he should def include his shoes in his pic. would love to see what awful i mean great shoes complete this outfit lol. yes yes Rock On PantyBoy!

  2. What is most amazing, is that he would actually take a picture of himself looking like this and, I assume, be proud of it. Oh well...