"It's the good girls that keep the diaries; the bad girls never have the time."-Tallulah Bankhead

(I'm HOPING this explains why I have been so bad at making posts as of lately!!!)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Silly, silly man....

Ha ha ha ha!!!  What were you thinking, lowering yourself to the dregs of the servant society by agreeing to become my blackmail slave?  Were you driven by your relentless need for danger and excitement???  Are you simply an endless pit of money??  Do you realize how little power you now have to control any part of this relationship??

You couldn't just leave well alone.  It wasn't enough for you to have me tease and extract the funds from you...as I willingly played along with your whims.  How typical of you, silly, silly man.  You had to push the envelope.  So NOW-- I have the upperhand and you are powerless to make any demands at all.   Ha ha ha ha ha ah!!!  It would be so very easy, so very evil if I were to send some small tidbit of a clue to your address...something that would set off a whole wildfire of reaction if it were to be discovered by anyone in your household...maybe even by your wife.  Just to let her know you have been keeping company with a sexy woman like myself, NEVERMIND the fact that you are allowing this financial domination!!!  Think about THAT as you go through your day....as you lie awake at night.

I thank you, silly, silly man.  I thank you for proving once again, how weak and foolish men can be.  I thank you for showing us all that women can and WILL have the upperhand....especially when you make it so easy.

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