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Monday, October 18, 2010


My nerves were on fire.  I knew I was in for it when you lead me to the center of the room, and cinched my waist tightly with your device...one strap still dangling between my legs...large dildo hanging from it obscenely.  Your sweet caresses are what kept me from bolting.  THAT,  and my desire to obey and worship you so completely.  You stuffed that large vibrator deep inside of me and connected the straps to my waist, forcing me to lock it into place after you tightened it.  You then placed the controller into my hands.

You commanded me to lie on the floor, a spotlight shone down upon me.  I could hear the soft laughter and whispers of those I could not see as you asked me, "Would you like to masturbate on the floor in front of everyone, Samantha?"  I told you I would.  So you demanded that I click to device to the #1 position, and the vibrator began to hum deep inside of me.  At first, this was a wonderful sensation.  But then suddenly, you commanded, "CLICK TO # 2, SLAVE SAMANTHA!!!!"

I did as I was told, and the vibration became more intense.  I started flailing my hands, trying to grasp at something on the cold, dirty floor...anything to brace myself against.  Every movement in the device was causing chafing at my waist and between my legs.  But the vibration deep in my pussy was bringing me closer and closer to an earth shattering orgasm and so I was unable, at this point, to keep from moving.

"CLICK TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL, # 3 SLAVE SAMANTHA!!!"  you bellowed.  And as I obeyed, my nipples vibrating against the rough floor, hands grasping at nothing, you then commanded,  "CUM FOR ME NOW, SLAVE SAMANTHA!!!!!"

SMACK!!!!!  You swatted my ass with your crop just as the waves of my orgasm began coursing through my body.  The combination of pleasure and the pain of the leather restraints was overwhelming.  My body shuddered and as I grew limp, you ordered me to shut the device off.

"UNLOCK THE DEVICE, SLAVE SAMANTHA!"  you ordered me as you tossed me the key.  I felt your cool hands caressing my back as you helped me out of the contraption.  Your hands and lips soothing my shoulders...soft voice in my ear..."Very nice, Slave Samantha..."

I was suddenly aware of the hot flesh of your cock pressed up against my thighs as you removed the vibrator from my pussy.  My desire was re-ignited INSTANTLY.  I could feel your hands everywhere on my body....  your lips and tongue on my skin, fingertips rubbing salve on my chafed waist and pussy lips.  As you rotated my body toward yours and rubbed the hot skin of your cock over my cunt, I moaned with pleasure.

You thrust into me all in one motion.  I grasped your body in my hands and wrapped my legs around you, holding on with every ounce of strength I had left.  The feeling of your hot flesh penetrating me felt like Heaven compared to the hard vibrating device it replaced.  I relished in the feeling of your passion and warmth as you pounded into me harder and harder.  Your movements quickly became more frenzied and I could feel you bucking as you exploded into me.  My pussy muscles contracted again as I started to cum along with you.

When your body quieted, I collapsed underneath you and felt the overwhelming feeling of gratitude.  I would do anything for THIS PLEASURE.  I will obey you forever.  I am yours for the taking, to serve and to obey.  THIS is why.  You are my MASTER.  I will always succumb.

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