"It's the good girls that keep the diaries; the bad girls never have the time."-Tallulah Bankhead

(I'm HOPING this explains why I have been so bad at making posts as of lately!!!)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hey Teacher...

It must have been the naughty story I was reading before I went to sleep last night.  You came to me in my dreams.  You had your suitcoat and tie on, looking very stern in your reading glasses.  I could feel your scorn for me radiating off of your skin.  I was late for our tutoring session, AGAIN.  At first you motioned for me to be seated on the chair opposite your desk.  You continued to work on the quizzes before you..angrily slashing at your students errors.  I watched in silence.  I was bored, so I slouched in my chair, allowed my knees to open and began going through the texts in my phone.  I soon became aware of your gaze on my legs and thighs.  I realized that you were straining to see a little bit more of what I had under my short, red, plaid skirt.  I pretended not to notice...and allowed my knees to fall farther apart, revealing the soft folds of my clean shaven pussy lips. 

Soon, the red pen you were using to correct your quizzes with dropped to the floor.  Startled, I looked up and noticed the change in your expression.  Your face was flushed, your eyes dilated..and glassy.  I quickly dropped to the ground and retrieved your pen.  I stayed on my knees and crawled over to your chair to return it to you.  You pushed your chair back and grabbed my hand as I lifted it to put the pen on your desk.   You then pushed my open palm to the front of your khakis and showed me the bulge which had appeared there.  I understood that this was to be the punishment for my tardiness and quickly began to massage the hard shaft of your cock through the fabric.  I leaned forward and opened your pants, reaching in to pull your fully engorged penis out of your pants.  I ran the tip of my tongue up the underside of your shaft, lingering on the tip, swirling my tongue around it's swollen  mushroom head....tasting your hot, salty/sweet offering glistening at the center.

The change in your breathing spurred me into action and I quickly opened my lips and let the entire length of you slide to the back of my throat.  I pulled you back out and let a long stream of saliva drip down and cover my hand which was grasped around the base of your cock.  Now that I had started, I was eager to please you...and began sucking and licking and stroking you with both hands and my lips and tongue.  You put your hands in my hair and started fucking my face in earnest.  There was no stopping now.  I worked your cock fast and furious...and within a matter of moments I felt your thighs tense and your hands clench even harder on my head as you started to cum in huge, forceful spurts.  I kept my lips wrapped around the tip of your cock and let you empty your anger, frustration and passion into my hungry mouth.  When you were finally quiet, and sighing, I looked up to see you gazing back down at me with a new expression on your face.  You looked peaceful and calm.  And just as I stood  up to lean forward and kiss the little smile on your lips...THE FIRE ALARM SOUNDED IN THE BUILDING!!!  I jumped and turned to grab my bag and was suddenly aware of the fact that it was no FIRE ALARM.  It was my alarm clock!!!!  I had been sucking on my index finger and I noticed how pruned it was as I reached up to press the button to silence the offending noise.  GRRRRrrrrrr...and I swear I could still taste you on my tongue.

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