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Friday, October 8, 2010


I never even got his name.  I still needed another $50 to make rent for October and as I scanned the room looking at my potential lap dance candidates, I started feeling that old twinge of desperation.  I turned toward the rear of the room and was intending to exit to the private dressing room when he touched my shoulder.

"Will you dance for me?"  he asked.

I took the money from his hand and led him to a chair in the darkest part of the room near the entrance to the dressing room.  Before he sat, he whispered in my ear, "I will gladly pay an additional fee if you will accommodate my only request...I have a preference for heels and fishnet stockings...would you indulge me? I will wait right here for you."

I exited quickly and rummaged through my bag of accessories in the cramped dressing quarters.  I removed my nude stockings and thong panties and replaced them with a pair of black fishnet stockings (the sort with the extra large webbing), a simple black garter to keep them in place,  and my favorite black patent leather stilettos. I returned to find him sitting where I left him.

As I approached, he didn't speak...simply turned me around and pulled me into his lap, his hands immediately moving to my thighs where he began to finger the skin through the openings of the fishnet.

"Customers are not permitted to touch us in this way, but it is dark back here and I can tell by the look in your eyes that you have a special interest in these stockings so I will allow it...for an additonal fee."  I whispered in his ear as I twisted toward him.  He stuffed another bill into my bodice top.

I continued to dance in his lap, as we are not permitted to stop dancing, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  I was not wearing any panties and was able to feel the hot bulge of his cock through his pants as I gyrated on top of him.  He moved the back of my skirt up so that my bare ass cheeks were pressed against the front of his trousers and reached for his zipper.

"Customers are not permitted to remove their cocks from their clothing, but as long as I keep my skirt down in the front and keep dancing, I will allow it...for an additional fee."

As I continued to move my legs and hips back and forth and around and around...I reached behind and began to stroke him once he was free from the confines of his boxers and trouser fly.  He stuffed another bill into my bodice.  I leaned forward to shake my hair and give him the opportunity to rub his cock along the gentle curves of my ass cheeks before settling back down with his rod trapped between them.  I am quite certain he was able to feel the wetness that this had generated on the outside of my pussy entrance.

"Customers are not permitted to fuck their dancers with their huge, hard cocks...but as long as I continue to dance in your lap and you promise to make me cum...I will allow it...for an additional fee."

He quickly fumbled and slid another bill into my bodice and  as I leaned forward again to shake my ass in his face, I felt him take his cock in his hand.  When I settled my body back into place on his lap, he guided  himself into my swollen, wet pussy with no effort at all.  I continued to rock and sway my hips.  I shifted my weight from one leg to the other, allowing him to thrust into me again and again.  My legs scissored out in front of me...my arms grasping his thighs tightly...I was grinding myself onto him with abandon.  The club music pounded into my ears as he pounded his cock into my cunt.  I soon found myself having a difficult time continuing my dance and as the spasms of pleasure shot up my spine and I began to cum, I allowed my self to recline against his chest.  With my ear so close to his mouth, I was able to hear him grunt as he came too.  I could feel his own contractions against me and felt the twitching of his cock as he emptied himself into me.  It was then that he spoke his only other words to me.

"That was the best lap dance I have ever had."  was all he said.  I kept myself in his lap until he could put himself away.  As soon as he was ready, I stood up and turned to say goodbye.  But by the time I turned around, he was gone.  POOF!  I was almost offended, until I reached into my bodice and pulled out the crumpled bills.  Hmmmm...I would be able to pay the rest of my rent and was finishing my night with a SMILE on my face and a spring in my step.

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