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Monday, October 25, 2010

MMMMmmmm...My Favorite Crush

I dreamed about you last night...all this silly teasing has gotten to me.  You came to my bed after I turned my light off for the night.  I felt your hands smoothing the sheet over the skin of my side. After climbing underneath my bedding, you lay behind me.  I could feel your soft, warm breath on the nape of my neck as you moved my hair aside and pulled me close to spoon me.  I was delightfully aware of your hardening nipples on my back...and even more delighted by the feel of your hands on MY nipples.   Your palms were making slow circles on my breasts.  My breath caught as you moved one of those hands down across my stomach and up over my hip.  You continued to explore the skin on my belly and side, occasionally running your fingers down across my ass cheeks....then up again and around to my inner thigh....over and over again.  I suddenly became aware of the fact that I WAS NOT DREAMING THIS.

The heat from your body combined with the luxurious feeling of your hands coming closer and closer to my center caused me to lean back into you.  As I pushed back against you, I turned my face to meet yours and kissed your sweet, soft lips.  This also caused my knees to come apart and at that exact moment, you finally allowed your hand to brush over my aching pussy...now WET and SWOLLEN from your teasing movements.  My entire body suddenly felt as though it was on fire.  Your lips and tongue were sooooo incredibly hot and luscious and your fingers pushing inside of me were causing me to surrender to you COMPLETELY.  I turned over and grabbed your head in my hands, crushing you against my lips, probing your mouth with my tongue.  Your fingers on my snatch were playing a sweet melody that was threatening to push me over the edge...and I began to cum.  I felt the contractions building within my body, pushing up through my spine and coursing up until I could feel the waves of pleasure moving out towards my fingers and toes.  I moaned against your mouth.

Once I had recovered my senses enough, I pulled my mouth away from your tender kisses.  My tongue began to trace a path down the side of your jawbone and down the side of your neck, where I could feel your pulse racing.  My hands moved over each of your breasts, and as I stopped to tease and pull each of your nipples I could feel your breath catching in your throat.  I kissed my way down your collarbone and lightly brushed my cheeks over each swollen breast.  I pointed my tongue and circled first your left nipple...then your right.  As I did this, my hand began to brush against the insides of your thighs.  As the side of my hand came up to the place where your thigh meets your pussy, I could feel the incredible wetness of you.  When I slid my hand up farther to part the outer lips of it, I was welcomed by the most amazing, silky feeling of your hot, wet pussy and engorged clit.  This made my mouth begin to water, and so I continued to kiss my way down your belly.  Spreading your legs with my hands, I began to lick the outside of your pussy with my tongue...just teasing.  When I reached the upper folds where your clit was swelling through and sticking out mocking me, I kissed it, suddenly and voraciously.  As quickly as I started this, I stopped.  I leaned back and blew a soft funnel of air on it and continued to lick my way down your inner lips.  I fucked your hot hole with my tongue for a minute before licking my way back to your clit.

At this point, I had been touching my wet slit with my other hand and decided now would be a good time to use my 2 fingers I had stuffed up there to begin to probe your pussy walls while I went to town on your clit with my mouth.  Within seconds, I could feel the walls on the inside of your slippery cunt begin to contract and spasm around my fingers.  I clamped my mouth to you and felt your hands on my head...tangled in my hair...forcing my mouth against your body.  You came...and I was rewarded with the most amazing torrent of sweet, hot juice pouring forth into my mouth and over my fingers.  I continued to lick up this delicious offering, until I felt you go limp, your breathing returning to normal.  I slowly moved my way back up so that my head was resting next to yours on the pillow.  I kissed you softly, offering my sweet tongue to you.  Your lips caressed mine until I began to drift off into a dreamlike state.  It is really remarkable to have your sexy body and talents to help me off from one dream to another....thank you for being my favorite crush.

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